Do you feel cheated or overlooked?

You work harder, are always helpful, are smarter and perfectionist and never let anyone down.  

You are the busiest in the office, but no one seems to realize. 


Does your boss fail to see your capability?

You’re not going to shove it in their face, but he should notice, that’s their job.  

Do your ideas seem to end up as someone else’s results?


Do you question what it’s all for?

Where did it go wrong, or is it even wrong …?

There must be more to life than this?

What difference do I make in the world?

If you recognize any or all of the above, we need to talk

When we work together, we will use coaching, mentoring, reflection, some cool tools and all of your powerful and sometimes repressed resources.

You will be amazed what you can create. It will not always be easy, maybe very uncomfortable, but it will be right for you.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

— Viktor Frankl

The Power of Coaching

Coaching isn’t therapy.  It’s product development, with YOU as the product.
– Fast Company

meet damian smith

A respected leader within Finance, HR and Sales functions with 20+ years of successfully delivering results across the world for global brands including Vodafone, Virgin and Sony.

This culminated in leading the finance function of a MNC, responsible for a turnover of over $800 million in the Middle East & Africa.

A Co-Active Coach (CTI),  Certified Leadership Coach and Radical Collaboration Trainer.

A yearning for equality, compassion in business and leveling the playing field provides a focus on working with women executives and business’ that feel the same.

All of this allows a unique perspective on helping clients and teams develop and apply leadership skills in order to achieve ROI within today’s commercial realities.



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