it’s easy to look back and connect the dots

Looking back, I can now see clearly where the turning point was.
That’s the beauty of hind sight.
It’s perfect.


I have spent 25 years in the corporate world working in very different business cultures in oil & gas, retail and Vodafone, O2 Telefonica, Virgin, BlackBerry and Sony.

This included experience in the UK, Germany, Nordics, Canada, Tokyo and many countries in Africa and the Middle East. 

Most of my time has been in commercial finance, but latterly also with HR and legal responsibilities and finally realising an ambition to make the switch to sales and marketing. 

In my what is politely called my younger days, (although to seems like yesterday in my head) surfing was the overriding passion, a crazy life, dreams of being a designer and later followed by electronic music and a lot of fun.

Of course all of this was lost completely by accident, and as I hadn’t even thought there was such a thing as a purpose (apart from ironically avoiding a suit) I became a “suit”.


I have an powerful value around fairness, and that leads me to want to level the playing field.

My 5 year old daughter is my roots, she is my inspiration and drives my passion, she does all this whilst being completely unaware.  

I see that we have time to change the world so she can be her authentic powerful self, and not some society construct of what a woman, and especially a powerful woman should be. 

The most fulfilling work of my career

Even whilst having financial responsibility for a region with almost one billion US dollars turnover, or turning around the sales & marketing of a region with a population of c184m, the most fulfilling aspect of my career has been  working with rising leaders in challenging and fluid corporate environments. 

I want to help you with your transition.

As a manager of large teams, with multiple cross function responsibilities in extremely fast paced industries, development of self awareness (a fundamental of leadership) always seemed to be low on the priority list.

This changed as did my life with the privilege of being selected to be included in a global leadership scheme at Stockholm School of Economics.

The Turning Point

I realized that I had been pretending to be someone else in my corporate life to succeed, and despite evident “success” had not been fully leveraging my natural talents or strengths.

Bearing in mind the huge impact of authenticity and natural strengths on fulfillment,  imagine the life i could have lived.

I have since worked with other incredible individuals, helping them forge the right kind of transformation to embrace the career and the life that was waiting for them — on the other side of their comfort zone.

Damian is intuitive while also being someone 
 who can produce fact based results

Damian helped me see the potential in me, that i was blind to. I have now added to my career, coaching global CEO’s and their teams to turn their organisational performance around.

Working with Damian is stimulating, exciting and energizing. He is determined, open and enquiring, while focused and visionary.

Zoe Williams
Director Internal Audit & Risk Howdens Joinery Co., (FTSE 120)
Coach | Public Speaker

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