Success is your responsibility

As an aspiring or already rising leader, you will seek tools, and strategies to support your growth. But are they having or will they have an impact on your life? We will work together with the aim to both deepen the learning AND forward the action.

The Journey Re-imagined & Realized

I believe that the life to be lived is one in which we are living life “on purpose”, honoring our values but importantly developing our inherent talents into strengths.

Do you feel that you are “spinning your wheels” and want to bring your full authentic power to have an impact in the world, and “be the you that you imagined”?

Then this 8 session program supports you in a structured and phased approach to that aim.

Rather than “just coaching” if this is your first coaching experience this allows you to measure your progress and hold yourself accountable.

Phase One: Determining the “Destination” and working on life purpose, values, and what tools are needed to reach the destination. (3 hours)

Phase Two:  The “Current Reality” and to that aim I use tools to support you such as  “Gallup Strengths Finder”  and Leadership Circle Profile as appropriate (2 hours)

Phase Three:   the “Create” Phase. Here you drive your transformation, with my complete support as a “Co-Active” coach. (4 hours).

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Professional Growth and Personal Development

“Damian is one of those people who has contributed significantly not only in my professional growth but also in my personal development.

He is an excellent listener who displays empathy and who observes and reflects before sharing his thoughts or experiences that helps reshape the way you look at things.

And with this, I was able to step out of my comfort zone, gradually embrace the fullest of my potential, and most importantly, he helped me realize even more my worth and value as a woman and as an aspiring future leader.

Through his genuineness he can touch hearts and I am extremely thankful that I have someone in my corner who’s both an amazing coach and mentor.”

Luvi Cruz

MNC Logistics Manager, Dubai, UAE

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